I'm happiest at the beach, I love to surf but confuse my ambition with my ability and usually end-up wiping out. I love to read, to write, climb, to paint - I think I just love being curious; about everything.

I've done all kinds of jobs. McDonald's, factory work, bar work, sales and I now find myself in the film industry. I've a resume as a screenwriter that includes 20th Century Fox, The BBC, and Buena Vista, among others. I've also been privileged enough to write for producers such as Scott Mednick (300, Batman Begins, Jerry Maguire) James M. Vernon (Evita Hacksaw Ridge) and Denise O' dell (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Kingdom of Heaven, The Councillor) to name but a few. 

As a director, I've won awards, accrued trophies and accolades and had some wonderful things said about my work from some amazing industry folks and wonderful organisations.   

I live with the knowledge that my soul becomes evident with the words that I carve into the sheen of a sheet of A4, or the light I cast upon a cinema screen. My goal is to imbue the opiate of creativity into the very veins of the film industry. I am at times, prosaic and pathetic, all within the heartbeat of the same moment, for I am a filmmaker. 


A few shots of me, ...doing stuff.

Guess which one I am?

As a kid all I ever wanted was a chopper.

It's strange how things turn out, huh?

Yup, I used to do stand up.

War zone! We had a blast.

Dressed for dinner on a night raid.