I'm stoked to have a real American hero write the following about my screenplay 'Dustoff.' “Your action scenes are ridiculous Adam. Not really sure how you come up with the sequences but it’s like you have spent time in a shoot house. …The ground sequences are indistinguishable from real combat." Erik Sabiston

Drinking Johnny Walker Blue Label in Soho House with Robert Rodrigues - the man that got me started in this industry; it doesn't get any better.

Hi, I'm Adam, your average filmmaker with big ideas striving to make a few inroads into the industry.

An Irish/South African I was raised in a home that lacked essential utilities such as electricity, meaning the cinema was more than just a gateway into different worlds; it was a warm, special place. 

A journalist, a photographer, I've always strived to share stories. I've been lucky enough to sell a few screenplays and been commissioned to write projects for wonderful filmmakers such as Denise O'Dell (The Counselor, Exodus: Gods and Kings), Scott Mednick (Batman Begins, 300), James M. Vernon (Hacksaw Ridge, Evita), The BBC, Buena Vista, and Sky. 

As a director, my short films have screened at Oscar-qualifying festivals such as 'Ciff,' 'VIFF,' and 'Curtas Villa Do Conde International,' to name a few. Winning the 'Jury Award for Social Relevance' at the 27th Festival De Cinema De Girona' for my short movie 'Warhol,' was a high point.

I have no idea where it is all going but I am enjoying the ride. 
All the best. 


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