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I'm Adam, your classic screen-scribe come filmmaker, creative, "opps, squirrel!" kind of a guy.

I've been lucky enough to have made a few inroads with regard to the industry, and collected some great friends and incredibly talented collaborators along the way.  

I have no idea where it is all going but I am enjoying the ride, thanks for stopping by.

All the best. Adam.

Hfpa reporter lr

Cannes was, as always, amazing. Deals were done and fun was had. I even got an invite to the event of the year; Hollywood Foreign Press Association, dinner.

Jack net

You're in Barcelona chatting with Jack Black and he wants a selfie, what do you do?

Adam jack lr copy

It's that guy again. And yup, he's spotted my Freddy Kruger T-shirt!

Calton dinner

After the yacht party and before the Disney party, the 'alternative Bonds', have dinner at the Carlton.

Adam Crow signs a new development deal with the team behind
'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,'
' and 'Where The Wild Things Are,' Scott and Skyler Mednick.

BAFTA and OSCAR winning director - Asif Kapadia.
"Great script. ... real tension and drama. Nicely cast and shot.  A strong film.

“his snappy one-liners place him in good company with the likes of Diablo Cody and Quentin Tarantino.”

The List

“The Cinema-going world needs his films to be made.”

Shelley Atkin - VP EMEA Theatrical Finance 20th Century Fox

“I couldn’t watch another set of films for about an hour after Warhol. It really disturbed and moved me.”
Daniel E Waker - Festival Director Long Beach Indie International Film Festival.


"the work, the tension, the dialogue is brilliant. A masterpiece."

Del Weston - Festival Director AOF International Film Festival


“It’s terrific. Really creepy cool.” 

Paul Provenza - Sky Atlantic


"An astonishing find as a science fiction writer with an accessible imagination."

Lyndon Lamphere - Script Consultant - 20th Century Fox


"We'd be thrilled to have your input."

John Fante Producer - Honey I Blew Up The Kids, The Abyss

"Brilliant film! Loved it!"

Elven Ho - Hong Kong Film Critics Association

A very strong idea and well drawn. The dialogue is simple and to the point and has a nice dark humour.”

Sarah Deacon - The Royal Court Theatre.


“Loved Warhol.”

Ben Latham-jones - Creative Director Ealing Studios


“I was very impressed with WARHOL. Well done. A very relevant piece of work”

Greg Day - Festival Director FrightFest


"Viewed the movie, just brilliant!  And this due to it all being believable.”

Mike Connor - DOP  'Das Boot.’


"I thought it was very sharp, full of pace and had an original and edgy voice."

Mark Freeland - Head of BBC In-House Comedy 


"Your involvement and contribution to the series has been vital in insuring it's success."

Paddy Haycocks - Thames Television Series Producer

On set 5

“This is a work of genius in every respect.”  
Paul Higginson - Executive Vice President 20th Century Fox

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Making a movie is like waging a war. It takes strategy, planning, you'll be hungry, tired, cold and wet; and you'll dream of peacetime. Oh, ... and it ain't cheap.

But I gotta tell you, there's nothing better than being in a foxhole with the right people.


A great night out with the guys! Rhys is now doing the new X-Files tv show and Martin is no longer a Hobbit!

Work copy

My office is the beach... Sometimes.

Aof award